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Not financially viable and could bring an income tax and more stack’n’pack.

Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

“New Urbanism” wants Bedford to become part of a global network of mega-cities, by changing the demographics and hence, the normal political subdivisions.

Bedford Residents Association

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Sununu Fails to Stop Rail “Boondoggle”

Governor Sununu, by his failure to act to VETO SB 241 in a timely manner, has allowed the bill to pass without his signature. This bill will pave the way for NH to start planning for a commuter rail system to be extended from the Massachusetts border to Manchester and...

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How Your Bedford Reps Voted (June 27)

How your Bedford State Reps voted as of June 27... HB1, increasing state spending by a massive $1.5 Billion, or 13%. High taxes are the result of high spending. Passed. 100% of Democrats voted to Pass. Mullen, Sue (D, Bedford) Pass 100% of Republicans voted to Kill....

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Did Sununu Really Promise No New Taxes?

​Governor Sununu always makes a big deal about “no new taxes”. But it's what you don't see that is hidden in the budget that is of concern. Per a Union Leader article today: “In some legislative horse-trading, House members agreed to include a new statewide Housing...

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How Your Senators Voted (June 6)

Bedford has only one Senator (Jeanne Dietsch - D) but we thought we would include the records of all 24. Bad votes by State Senators, through June 6 1. Starr, David (Republican, Franconia) no bad votes 2. Giuda, Bob (Republican, Warren) TAXES & FEES & OTHER FOR...

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What Next? A Monorail to the North Country?

by Dick Lemieux - April 12, 2014 A front-page April Fools Day (2014) Monitor article covered a report that recommends continuation of pilot bus service between Concord and Manchester. Based on demographic, employment and survey data, consultants estimated initial...

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