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NOVEMBER 20, 2018

Bedford Residents Association

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Planning Board Disregards Pleas of Abutters

Last night (10-22-2018) the Bedford Planning Board ignored the impassioned pleas of abutters on Old Bedford Road and Arrowhead Drive to stop approval of a commercial entity from combining three lots on Old Bedford Road. In a vote with two dissenters, the Board ended...

Letters from Londonderry

Londonderry, NH underwent some serious changes and now seems to be overrun with high-density buildings. We heard from one resident there who is not happy about what TPUDC-LLC left in its wake... “I am so sick of living in a construction warzone. The town of...

Artist Rendering of Bow Lane Project

This is an graphic of how the proposed apartments on Bow Lane behind the Village Shoppes would look if allowed to be built. Considering there so many restrictions on the styles of current buildings of businesses and their respective signs, this looks to be an urban...

Londonderry’s Regret

We came across an interesting article that talks about the "urbanization" of Londonderry NH and judging from the comments, the people are not happy with the results of TPUDC-LLC's assistance in crafting their Master Plan. Residents enjoy their suburban lifestyles......

Planapalooza Events Scheduled

"Planapalooza" is the name the TPUDC-LLC has given to the "visioning" sessions being held from November 1-5, 2018. Some of the subjects are already outlined for you in the PDF below. These are events which are supposed to take input from the residents to be...

Letter to Planning Board and Town Council

To all Planning Board and Town Council members; A group of residents just finished watching the October 8 Planning Board meeting where Ms. Hebert showed a draft of the format for the November 1-5 sessions with consultants from TPUDC-LLC. (scroll up to the 26:00 mark)...

“No Agenda” We Were Told

At the Master Plan Update kickoff event, when Town Manager Mr. Rick Sawyer introduced the Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative, LLC (TPUDC-LLC) he assured the audience that there was "no agenda" involved in the process. We are wondering if town officials who...

Are Taxpayers Welcome to Have Input?

You have to wonder. Last time the Master Plan was updated, an Immersion Day Committee was created which consisted of members from various town boards, two developers, and one business owner. Citizens gave input via a survey and two public input sessions that were held...

Charles Fairman Wants a Senior Center

According to this Union Leader article of September 13, 2018, Charles Fairman, a member of Bedford's Planning Board, is insisting that Bedford spend money to establish a "senior center". From the UL, "In general, I think that for a community like Bedford not to have a...