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Bedford Residents Association

“New Urbanism” wants Bedford to become part of a global network of mega-cities, by changing the demographics and hence, the normal political subdivisions.

Bedford Residents Association

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What’s Next?

Now that Town Meeting elections are over, people have been asking us, "what's next?". We have successfully redone zoning to protect the 101 area as much as possible. There are still a few loose ends that can be dealt with next time around. However... The problem of...

How Your State Reps Voted (March14)

Here is how your Bedford State Reps voted… HB157, reducing electric rates. Killed. 99% of Democrats voted to Kill. Mullen, Sue (D, Bedford) Kill 92% of Republicans voted to Pass. Camarota, Linda (R, Bedford) Pass Danielson, David (R, Bedford) Pass Gould, Linda (R,...

Results of March 12-13 Town Meeting 2019

BRA CELEBRATES TWO VICTORIES We wish to thank you all for your votes on March 12 and March 13, 2019. Many of you who have lived in town for many years do not understand that "town meetings" are divided into two parts — voting by ballot (thanks to the SB2 law) and...

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