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Bedford Residents Association

DECEMBER 18, 2018
***Bow Lane is OFF the Agenda***
We will present petitions to the ZBA for the first time.

Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

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Planning Board Wrap-Up 11-19-2018

The Planning Board met on November 19, 2018 and took public comments on the Bow Lane Apartment project. You can see the meeting here: Planning Board Meeting November 19, 2018 We're going to skip right to the public comments. Unless the person is a prominent public...

Master Plan RFP Q and A

These are the Bedford Master Plan RFP Questions and answers received up to 3/26/2018 Our comments are in bold. Q: "Redevelopment opportunities and increased density/infill are called...

Master Plan Think Tank to Meet 11-15-2018 (UPDATE)

The Think Tank, a committee formed with people from other town boards, created to steer the outreach for the update of the Master Plan, will NOT MEET tonight 11-15-2018. The Meeting was canceled at the last minute. But please read the following if you have not...

School Board Takes Non-Binding Vote on November 13

At last night's meeting (11-13-2018), the Bedford School Board essentially voted (3-2) in a non-binding vote to allow private developers of the Bow Lane apartment project to tie into the schools sewer and water systems pending the project's approval by town boards who...

Behold the Corporatocracy

Tonight we saw how a private developer sought to take over some of the assets of our publicly funded schools. More about that later... Meanwhile, did you know that Walmart wants to be involved in your Master Plan? "We want to provide pedestrian connectivity from our...

Planapalooza Wrap-Up

The private consulting firm "TPUDC-LLC" hired to help redesign Bedford, gave their final presentation on the evening of November 5, 2018. In this piece, “New Urbanist” jargon will be put in quotes. You can research these terms and find any number of articles...

NH DES Update

Here is a letter from the NH Department of Environmental Services (NH DES) with a request for more information and a deadline of December 30, 2018. RFI from NH...

Housing Discussion

Saturday was Day Three of Planapalooza where three sessions were held at the Old Town Hall. Sunday was an open studio where you could drop in, watch them draw plans, and have your say. Monday morning will continue open studio from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, then the final...

About $4 Million Proposed to Improve, Expand Fields in Bedford

While urbanists are busy planning to turn us into a city at great expense, we are courting a multi-million dollar Facilities Plan, a multi-million dollar Bike and Pedestrian Plan, a proposed $2M increase in the budget and now a $4M sports complex proposal to go on the...

Budget of $29.9M Proposed for Bedford

The job of town government is to maintain the roads, public buildings, transfer station, and schools. Also, they are to provide adequate fire, police and EMT services. But we are apparently struggling with overcrowded schools whereby they have no room for 40...