These are the Bedford Master Plan RFP Questions and answers received up to 3/26/2018
Our comments are in bold.

Q: “Redevelopment opportunities and increased density/infill are called out as a major issue going forward for the town. Has an acceptable amount of “increased density” already been identified or is this something that this process will flesh out? Are the current redevelopment projects what the master plan envisioned? How is the new development being received and are they the type of mixed use “down town” style type of developments desired?”

(855 petitioners have stated they do NOT want more high-density infill)

A: “We hope the Master Plan process will flesh out areas for increased density and infill. The Market and Main project (former Macy’s site) along with the Wayfarer redevelopment project introduce a more compact/urban style of development which closely resembles the plans that were developed by Celebration Associates as part of the current Master Plan. The town is excited about the Market and Main project and this style of development was well received by the community.”

(Not everyone was polled as ‘excited’ about Market & Main, in fact many consider it to be an eyesore)

Q: “As part of the Land Use task, zoning changes are recommended. The 2010 Plan mentions the development of TND Overlay zones. Has any work on TND overlays been done to date? If not are these still of interest? Have areas or Centers been identified or could this be part of re – invigorating this Task and is that a desired direction?”

(Residents have clearly stated they do not want to lessen lot size requirements in residential neighborhoods.)

A: “The town has adopted the River Corridor Smart Growth Overlay District which is based on a Smart Code, but the zoning has not yet been put into practice because the design guidelines have not been adopted. The Master Plan process should gauge community interest in where higher density development should occur.”

(Overlay district was approved by voters in 2012 but no action taken on it yet. It is a costly endeavor and the town can’t afford it at this time)

Note: The Overlay district was voted on by residents who likely had no idea what this meant. Did they know they were making Bedford resemble a city?