The Think Tank, a committee formed with people from other town boards, created to steer the outreach for the update of the Master Plan, will NOT MEET tonight 11-15-2018. The Meeting was canceled at the last minute. But please read the following if you have not already.

Click here for the minutes of the October 17, 2018 meeting.

“Ms. Hebert said that we have included copies of the Town of Bedford’s Media Policy in the materials tonight which covers members of Town boards and commissions. She briefly summarized the contents of the policy and staff handed out letters from a resident addressed to Think Tank members regarding an incident that occurred during an online discussion. There was a brief discussion of the letter and Ms. Hebert said the Town was looking into the issues it raised.”

The above excerpt was in reference to the abusive behavior of one the Think Tank members toward a town resident regarding their right to have input into the Master Plan process. The letter contained proof of what that resident believed to be entirely inappropriate behavior for someone serving on a town board. So far the Planning Board and Town Council have been slow to act on this evidence. We have seen the evidence and believe it is conclusive regarding the resident’s claims of abuse.