Here is an example of testimony that was submitted by email to the Planning and Zoning Board.

“We wish everyone would stop talking so much about ‘workforce housing’ when defending the Bow Lane project. It isn’t workforce housing anyone who opposes this project really cares about. No one knows what anyone is paying for each unit, each unit is outfitted the same, and so no one really cares about that.

The problem with Bow Lane project and others like it they might want to put on or near 101 is the SIZE of the buildings and number of units, and the fact they are seen as inappropriate for that location. No one can ignore the eyesore that is the corner of 101 and 114, the ‘gateway’ to Bedford. So when they keep repeating the WFH mantra, they are not addressing our concerns, nor making a good case for the existence of these types of buildings. We wish they would focus on what it is people actually oppose, and not the idea that we don’t want lower income renters.

In addition, the town is supposed to provide “opportunities” for WFH, which will soon be ample on Rte 3, not a guarantee of the highest profits for builders. Let them build 12 smaller homes on that property if they are so interested in creating affordable housing.”

Interesting to note, the very developers promoting this project are the ones who changed the town’s policy for multi-unit buildings in 2009. Conflict of interest much?