As we reported, the House Judiciary Committee vote 18-0 to ITL HB 104, the bill to establish a state board of appeals allowing developers an easier path to overriding local zoning decisions.

From an article in NHBR:

But members of both parties said that the proposed board under the House bill was too powerful.

“What we are trying to do is establish a statewide zoning and planning board with undefined authority to overrule local decisions,” said Rep. Kurt Wuelper, R-Strafford.

“What I see is a glaring problem that the mandate is very broad,” added Rep. David Woodbury, D-New Boston. “The (NH) Municipal Association has justifiable fears that local boards would lose control, and if we wanted to amend the problem, the amendments would be so overwhelming that it would have to replace the bill.” He added that “the overall concept might have some merit,” but he had “no qualms” in voting to kill the bill.

On an 18-0 vote, the committee recommended to kill the bill. While the full House will still get a chance to vote on it, it is unlikely that it will overturn a unanimous committee decision.

“We don’t have concerns about the House action,” said Quinn. “Those who are supportive of the concept think that the best course of is to go with the Senate bill. That’s where the debate will occur.”

Indeed, Senator Robert Guida (R-02) authored a companion bill in the Senate, SB 306, and wrote this letter to the editor which appeared in the 2-26-2019 edition of the Union Leader:

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Please refer to our BILL WATCH page to follow the progress of SB 306. The bill has to pass BOTH legislative bodies and be signed by the Governor before it becomes a law.

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