Tomorrow night (March 13) is the physical budgetary town meeting!

It is held at the Bedford High School at 7:00 PM.

Word has it that “someone” will be making a motion to add $60K to the budget to do a “search and hire” for a “Parks and Recreation” director to oversee someone who has already been doing that job, and doing it well, for years. This is a total disregard for her years of work and dedication.

He may ask for s ‘secret ballot’ vote to approve the proposal. This means instead of raising your hand to vote as would normally be done at the physical town meeting, you would be given a slip of paper, then you would march by a box and drop in your YES or NO vote…

We do not need a Parks and Rec director when Ms Jane O’Brien has been doing the job quite nicely for years. Please vote NO on this proposal.