March 13 at 7:00 PM in the Theatre at BHS

Tonight (3/13) at the 7:00 PM open Bedford Town Budgetary meeting, a group of people will be submitting a motion to fund a full time Parks and Recreation Director at an annual cost of $120,000 (salary & benefits). This is not a newly created position, but one that has not been filled and does not require approval of the Town Council. This funded position would be additive to Jane O’Brien’s current position. For all intents and purposes, Jane has already been doing this job.

More importantly, in addition, to the permanent director position, this group is expected to move that $1,000,000 of your money be allocated to turf and light the Sportsman Field (behind the baseball fields across from the High School parking lots). This would be added to the proposed budget that is being considered tonight by the Town Council.

The two of these items combined would add approximately $0.40/$1000 of a resident’s home assessed value. So if a resident has a home assessed at $500,000, these additions would immediately cost the resident $200 to fund the use of a field that they may or may not use.

What this group is attempting to do is to assess a tax on 100% of the taxpaying residents of Bedford to serve a tiny fraction of the town.

Yesterday, 3,200 voters resoundingly defeated a Bond Warrant Article to upgrade town-wide fields. And now, a day later, a small group is attempting to jam a tax through to those same voters who yesterday rejected a similar proposal. This group, however, isn’t 3200 voters. It’s 30 or 40 members of a select few sports leagues residents.

WE STRONGLY urge taxpayers in Bedford to attend the Budgetary meeting at the Bedford high School at 7:00 PM tonight (Wednesday 3/13/19) to oppose this radical slight-of-hand measure by a small group of residents that the majority of Bedford voters have already rejected yesterday. If you do not attend this meeting, the measure will pass and you tax bill will increase to serve a tiny minority of the town.

Thank you and hope to see you there!