Now that Town Meeting elections are over, people have been asking us, “what’s next?”.

We have successfully redone zoning to protect the 101 area as much as possible. There are still a few loose ends that can be dealt with next time around. However…

The problem of “new urbanism” is not going away. There will always be a push to tie all areas to a “mega-city”, in a system of cities that are directly responsible to a global government. Independent governance and local control will be lost. We have already seen this with federal laws that have trickled down to the state, which then imposes them on the towns. Did you ever think you would see the day that the feds could dictate to towns what kinds of housing must be built? Therefore, vigilance must be maintained against state laws that interfere with local control.

We are also awaiting the rewrite of the “Master Plan” from the consultants at TPUDC. It will be interesting to see if these outsiders, proponents of the new urbanism movement, listened to our majority wishes.

To sum up, we will…

1 …keep promoting the petition against high-density infill going as it serves us well to call attention to the issues

2 …keep an eye on state laws that threaten local control

3 …respond to the Master Plan rewrite from TPUDC

4 …increase membership for BRA by asking petitioners and others to join our mailing list for infrequent updates