The Town of Bedford has finally released their decision on the protest petition filed against our citizen-petitioned zoning amendment #6.

Background: “In accordance with RSA 675:5, a valid protest petition would change the percentage of required favorable votes required for an amendment to pass from 50 to 66.6%. At the polls on March 12, 2019, a total of 3,516 votes were cast for Zoning Amendment #6 with 2,135 in the affirmative and 1,381 opposed or 60.72% in favor. If the vote had gained more than 66.6% (or less than 50%) then the Protest Petition would be moot and no additional action would have been required. However, as a result of the vote falling between 50% and 66.6% the Town Council must determine the validity of the Petition.”

“It is the opinion of staff that the signatures on the petition represent 18.4% of
the land within the Commercial District and therefore the Petition falls below the statutory requirement of 20%. As the submitted properties didn’t reach the 20% threshold no work was done to validate the signers as the rightful representatives of the properties.”

We are grateful that 2,135 people had the good sense to vote YES. Just 157 more people could have made up the 66.6% had it been needed in case the petition had been validated.

Our only question now is, who are these 1,381 people who voted to allow skyscrapers on Rte 101? We would seriously like to hear from those individuals. Write to us at: info (at)

See the documentation of the Staff Report here: Protest Petition – Amendment #6