SB 306 is an egregious and unconstitutional power grab.

It is appalling and disgusting that any legislator would support a 3-person (Bolshevik-style) state level appeals board that would likely be padded with regional and private groups, and developer special interests. This state board would be allowed to override decisions made at the town level per the town meeting vote of the people, and the decisions of local boards in abiding by those votes.

All local boards, including Historic and Conservation Commissions would be affected!

Please write to the legislators on the Committee of Conference, who are currently negotiating the state budget, and tell them this an egregious and obscene power grab over local control and should never be supported.

Senator Lou D’Allesandro –
Senator Donna Soucy –
Senator John Reagan –
Representative Mary Wallner –
Representative Richard Ames –
Representative Douglas Ley –
Representative Sharon Nordgren –
Representative Patty Lovejoy –
Senator Dan Feltes –
Representative David Luneau –
Representative Joelle Martin –
Senator Jay Kahn –
Senator Cindy Rosenwald –
Representative Susan Ford –

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