​Governor Sununu always makes a big deal about “no new taxes”. But it’s what you don’t see that is hidden in the budget that is of concern.

Per a Union Leader article today:

“In some legislative horse-trading, House members agreed to include a new statewide Housing Appeals Board in the budget, in return for Senate agreement on a $400,000 project to combat invasive aquatic species like milfoil in the state’s waterways.” (Note: The HAB would also cost $400K/year)

Are Sens. Giuda, Carson, Bradley and Rep. Hinch, sponsors of SB 306, working toward making NH a welfare state? They knew SB 306 would never pass on its own merit as a bill, so they sneaked it into the budget where it underwent NO discussion by the rest of the legislative body.

But then we read:

“House Republican Leader Dick Hinch, R-Merrimack, said his caucus stands ready to support Sununu in a budget veto, as Democrats do not have the necessary two-thirds majority to override on their own.”

Hinch, a sponsor of both SB 557 in 2018 and SB 306 in the budget in 2019, says he supports the Governor in vetoing the budget. This means that the housing appeals board might be able to be re-negotiated out. We were stunned to learn that in 2018 Sununu supported this “housing appeals board” to help developers override your local town votes in a press release he sent on a similar bill, SB 557. He cited helping businesses and “millennials”.

​​We have sent him our petition against high density with 1,095 signatures and a strong letter warning that it’s a NEW tax, and not the state’s business to take our tax dollars to pander to and give breaks to special interests like businesses, developers, and millennials.​

Tell the Governor that a 3-person state level housing appeals board would

– be comprised of unelected, unaccountable individuals representing special interests

– allow developers to override local zoning laws voted in by the people at their town meetings, thus nullifying local control

– encourage “high density” construction in inappropriate places and places where it is not wanted or needed

– give tax incentives along with HUD grants to benefit the developers, while those savings are never passed on to the renters

– increase the demand for services (fire, police, ambulance) without an equal tax contribution, thus placing more of the tax burden on the current single-family homeowners

– help those attempting to turn NH towns into cities when they do not want to be cities

Everyone needs to flood the Governor’s office with email and phone calls to direct him to VETO any budget that still contains SB 306.

Remind him that this is a NEW TAX on everyone, to be redistributed to favor businesses, millennials, and developers — all special interests — and that this would be a burden that would be borne particularly by those who own single-family homes.

His number is 271-2121
His email is governorsununu@nh.gov

Please see all bills that promote Obama’s AFFH either needing to be vetoed or taken out of the budget on this page.