Rindge Redux

A few years ago, some residents in the town of Rindge did not like what they saw in their Master Plan. They exercised their power as voters to take back control of their town. They rejected what outside private groups had done to promote drastic, unwanted changes to Rindge’s zoning laws and rewrote the Master Plan to their own liking. They were a model of what should be done in every town now that NH is under assault by special interest groups and private lobbies who don’t even come from NH and who are not elected or accountable.

It pays to be ever vigilant. Now we read in an October 5 article in the Keene Sentinel that a housing development of the kind they do not want is being proposed, threatening the rural character of Rindge. If your teenaged children can’t afford to by a home in your town, is the town government required to provide opportunities for low-rent living just for them? We’d guess no, but there are many private groups lobbying for these opportunities for millennials, retirees, and others on limited incomes. The concerning part is that town governments have been inviting these outsiders in to steer the direction of their towns with no accountability or permission from the voters.

Last March in Peterborough, residents also didn’t want their town turned into a city and voted to repeal zoning that would allow higher density. They are currently embroiled in a fight with the town as to whether the vote was valid. Meanwhile the town has invited in some outsiders to act as influencers. Groups like Stay Work Play N.H., National Low Income Housing Coalition, and other change agents too numerous to mention, some from outside NH and the US, have been hired to conduct discussions sessions, purpose of which are to convince people that their towns need to be homogenized artificially by way of housing.

In Walpole, residents lost one fight, but at least they are awake.

We will be following the Peterborough situation closely and reporting on it here. Meanwhile you can read the full article in the Keene Sentinel.

Groups such as Stay Work Play N.H., National Low Income Housing Coalition, and The Corporation for Supportive Housing, as well as AARP, WHO, APA, and NH’s RPCs are all unelected, UNACCOUNTABLE private NGOs and should have NO SAY in what a town does. It should be up to the VOTERS to decide how they want their town to grow! Also, a new commission to study the barriers to increased density of land development as well as a state land appeals board (failed SB 306 that was sneaked into the budget by a Republican NH Senator) was promoted by your Republican GOVERNOR despite thousands of petitions that asked him to veto it. He also failed to veto SB 241 which would open up the possibility of the MBTA in NH.