According to an October 22 report in the Union Leader, “Resort Lifestyle Communities is hoping to build a 130-unit facility at 308 South River Rd….”

The article went on to say that “Cameron General Contractors will be seeking a waiver…” and that “Mark Connors, assistant planning director, states in the plans that the large size of the proposed building is a concern.”

“The applicant should consider design alternatives to mitigate the massing and scale of the building, including breaking the proposal into separate buildings,” Connors wrote in an email to the developers.

What Connors should have said was that the magnitude of this project is NOT allowed per current zoning. Period.

The article continued, “Meanwhile, two other conceptual plans have already been introduced to planning officials for the South River Road corridor, including 290 apartments at 125 S. River Road at the new Market and Main development, and 300 apartments at Sebbins Brook Crossing.”

In November 4th Union Leader article, we read that the developer “downsized” the plan.

The Planning Board will review the newly revised conceptual plans at its next meeting on November 18. We would like to remind the Planning and Zoning boards of Bedford that the these proposed projects, including this revision, as well as the Market and Main revision, DO NOT comply with the zoning laws, and all they need to do is stand firm based on that.

The town must make it clear to the developers that no waivers can be given. And the town must be advised that if current rules are violated, there WILL be a backlash from the voters.