To the Governor,

These comments are in regard to your new bi-partisan plan to put housing in the hands of the state’s central bureaucracy. What were you thinking?

Sorry for the pointed comments but quite frankly I AM SHOCKED.

1) Show me where the State of NH is allowed CONSTITUTIONALLY to manage/mandate amounts or types of HOUSING and/or charged with the MIGRATION of certain age groups to the state? What kind of Republican dreams up a socialist program like this?

2) Your plan is not and enhancement of local control, but an override of local control as we saw with the unconstitutional Housing Appeals Board, which YOU requested, using UNELECTED, private, and unaccountable agencies with special interests.

3) Re-education of local elected officials is nothing more than brainwashing. Why not just send our local elected boards to the Soviet Union to find out how the Bolsheviks took control of housing in the Communist Revolution? Because that is exactly what THIS is — government central planning, Russian-style.

4) Massive additions of high-density buildings where they are not wanted are a TAX BURDEN on the middle class single-family homeowners because they do not have the same ROI for the towns. If you are a tax fighter, you would never do this to us!

3) Your plan outlines the very elements of one of the most LEFTIST plans to change the demographics and political divisions ever devised, in the form of “New Urbanism”. Described as “Enhanced Tools for Local Zoning and Planning Boards” the recommendation is to form yet another bureaucracy, a “Joint Housing Resource Council (JHRC)” staffed with outsiders, unelected appointees, and private groups and foundations to push for every “new urbanism” meme one could possibly imagine: “…Compact Downtown, Village Districts, Cluster Development, Form-based / Character-based historic districts, Inclusionary / density bonus overlay, Mixed-Use Zoning, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)” et al. This is pure UN Agenda21 undisguised.

4) Finally, your poster claims your plan is “A WIN FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE
MUNICIPALITIES | WORKFORCE | DEVELOPERS”. Make no mistake, this plan is going to benefit crony developers and NO ONE ELSE.

Do you really want to be known for screwing up the NH Advantage?

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