We have responded to the UL Editorial “What’s Sununu up to? Making Bedford the bad guy”, of Dec 15, 2019.

In case it is not published, we have posted it here.

Twice before, the UL has editorialized in agreement with our position on the Housing Appeals Board. They agree that this board was not the way to go as it clearly will usurp the decisions of local voters and town boards.

In this latest editorial, the author lauds the effort to mitigate a “housing shortage” but says it should not be at the expense of local control. However, that seems to be the only way the state can accomplish what they claim to be trying to do.

Consider the question of how constitutional is it for the state to:

– mandate or manage housing in any way? 

– create  unelected, unaccountable boards to override local town rules?

– allow unelected, unaccountable private foundations and lobbies to direct training for zoning and planning boards?

– mandate time limits in which local boards must accept or reject projects?

– attempt to attract millennials or any other particular demographic, over another — discrimination much? 

– use our tax dollars to help businesses and reward developers to flood us with housing that will raise the taxes of the single-family homeowners in the community?

And who says it won’t swell the schools? Many people have told us they grew up in one- or two-bedroom apartments. Bedford’s police and fire services are already stretched to the max.

The answer to all of the above is, it is not constitutional and no, the Governor is not “rightly” on a drive to do these things.

As for causing traffic problems, urban sprawl, and other safety issues, those things all come with the territory as we have already seen with a recently approved project.

Our Governor is a Republican, but after installing all-day kindergarten and gambling, advocating for commuter rail, attempting to manage housing, and most recently advocating for windmills (yes, you read that right) we seem to be heading down the slippery slope.  We need a serious course correction.