Market and Main developers who miscalculated the demand for businesses at that location now want to switch to apartments.

They should not be bailed out by the town for their own bad decisions. By allowing them a waiver to build apartments, in addition to being a huge burden on town services, new zoning rules passed in March of 2019 would be ignored.

This project is in addition to two others that would bring the proposed amount of apartments to almost 600.

Fortunately, a bill has been proposed at the state level (HB 1309 with no hearing date yet) which would require towns and school districts to be bound by votes on petitioned warrant articles. We suggest the planners in Bedford stick to the rules.

HB 1309 Text

Union Leader: Frustration rises over alleged ‘bait-and-switch’ at Bedford’s Market and Main from October 2019

“Several residents raised concerns about how the additional apartments would affect the local school system, emergency services and traffic congestion, alter the small-town feel of Bedford and fly in the face of new zoning ordinances approved earlier this year to curb this type of development.”

The residents are more than disappointed. They are demanding that the zoning rules adopted in March be followed.