The YIMBY program is eerily similar to what our supposedly Republican Governor is attempting to do, right here in NH. Is he channeling liberal Governor Gavin Newsom of California?

One resident who wrote about the YIMBYs in CA said;

“YIMBY, along with a coalition of leftist activists, successfully lobbied for AB670, a new state law signed by Stalin (Gavin) Newsom that overrides and abrogates all local zoning regs…Along with the taxes that other homeowners pay, we also pay for the privilege of having our own regulations. And now a bunch of politicians who don’t live here and don’t contribute dues have abolished the very thing we’ve been paying for all these years.”

The author further states “But once again I’ll point out that Belgrade and our Democrat overlords have taken away the right of local neighborhoods to choose to have anti-density ordinances in their own “backyards,” and that “The battle against single-family-residence communities is a national one.”

Please keep in mind that Bedford, with its mostly upscale neighborhoods consisting of single-family homes on large lots, IS as diverse as any neighborhood might be, proving that “diversity” does not necessarily mean “poor”.

The idea of the state overriding local control when it comes to the way communities have chosen to develop, on their own, is happening everywhere.

The idea that Trump’s HUD would be promoting this but attempting to call it something else, is also disturbing.

Don’t Call Trump’s Housing Order a YIMBY Plan

Yes Governor Sununu, we’ll call it “YIMBY”, because that is just what it is… and it’s going on everywhere.

Rise of the yimbys: the angry millennials with a radical housing solution

And it figures that the “Congress for the New Urbanism” (, where TPUDC’s Brian Wright received his indoctrination, is all for YIMBYism too…