Why does the Bedford Planning Board CONTINUE to hear proposals for 200 apartments by the developers of Market & Main?

At this point, it is still being described as a “concept proposal”. (click for agenda)


“ER Bedford, LLC c/o Encore Retail, LLC (Owner) – Request for Design Review of a site plan for the Market & Main mixed-use development, proposing changes to eliminate proposed office uses; to reduce retail uses; to modify the hotel use; minor changes to the restaurant uses, cinema, and parking garage; and to add 200 upper level multi-family units in two buildings with associated architectural and site changes, at 125 South River Road, Lots 12-33 and 12-33-2, Zoned PZ (Continued from January 13, 2020).”

The Planning Board is well-aware of the fact that this proposal DOES NOT COMPLY in any way with the Bedford zoning laws for that part of town. Why then are they even entertaining it? What would make this proposal qualify for a variance this large (from 15 allowed units to 200)? NOTHING!

What we need now is for YOU to show up at the meeting in DROVES to instruct the Planning Board that they are duty-bound to FOLLOW THE LAW. We would love to have the room filled to capacity (around 100 people).

In addition, we suggest sending email to the Planning Board with the request that the PB record their opinions about this situation.

Send to rhebert@bedfordnh.org and ask her to distribute to the Planning Board.

If you care about the potential increase in traffic congestion, increased need for public services, and the resulting higher taxes for all single family home-owners (who will pay extra for the burden multiple high-density projects cause in the years to come), you WILL TAKE ACTION, either by attending this session or writing to the Planning Board.

The continued hearing is on Monday night, February 10th at 7:00 PM in the BC-TV Meeting Room.