Below we have posted a superb example of well-researched, well-delivered testimony that was made IN PERSON at the NH Statehouse regarding HB 1629, a bill to control local zoning boards (ZBAs) with regard to training, and the forced inclusion of housing styles. This bill is one of two or three related to the Governor’s plan. It would allow the state to assign private, unelected, and unaccountable groups to oversee the process whereby ZBAs would be required to learn and support the philosophy of “new urbanism”. This fact was gleaned from the documentation, previously posted, that came with the Governor’s “plan” to mitigate a supposed “housing shortage” in NH.

Our position is that we do not think it is the state’s purview to be able to override town boards and town meeting votes, or to be responsible for controlling housing in the state. The Housing Appeals Board which passed via a nefarious budget maneuver, is allowed to override ANY board, including those dealing with Historic Districts, Conservation, and School issues.

Read the full testimony here:

Testimony in Opposition to HB 1629