SB 50 is a California state bill that is very similar to the NH Governor’s housing plan (HB 1629 and HB 1632) Californians were smart to nix this bill which would have stripped local boards of power. Likewise, the NH legislature should do the same.

“State Senate Bill 50 roared back last month, only to be defeated almost as quickly as it reared its ugly head. The bill, which was placed on the back burner, was reintroduced in January after having been shot down on multiple occasions.

SB50, which claimed to have addressed the state housing shortage, was a form of bureaucratic overreach that essentially would have stripped local governments’ ability to enact their own zoning laws, consolidating that power in Sacramento.

SB50 would have rendered city and county governments’ power moot and was a condescending form of legislation that essentially deemed local governments statewide as too inept to solve housing shortages in their own communities. While local zoning laws have been a huge hindrance to addressing the housing crisis, centralized planning from Sacramento is not the solution.”

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Commentary: State should avoid interfering with local zoning laws