The developers of Market & Main are still attempting to override current zoning laws by adding 200 apartments to their project, which includes many commercial enterprises.

The original plan was for a commercial center, with no apartments, so to Encore’s lawyer’s claim that “…without having the apartments, you are not going to have a cinema,” because there is a “…provision in the cinema lease that is tied to the newly proposed apartments”, we say, that is just too bad!

“Since the town has zoning regulations in place that do not permit housing in the performance zone where Market and Main is located, with the exception of workforce housing, Encore will need to seek a waiver if a formal site plan is submitted. The town also requires that 25% of new apartment units be classified as workforce housing, although no workforce housing is included in the conceptual plans.”

Ironically, 12 units per building could be allowed provided that 25% of those units were priced according to “Workforce Housing” but the developers seem unwilling to make this provision.

Our position is that anything other than the commercial entities originally planned for the location should NOT be allowed.

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