Somehow, ER Bedford, LLC c/o Encore Retail, LLC (Owner) gave the Planning Board the impression that Surf, Wahlburgers, and Oshkosh would have stores in the Market and Main development. Turns out it’s not true.

Residents should be pretty fed up by now, wondering why the Board keeps entertaining a conceptual design that does not meet zoning requirements, especially when they know our town services and schools are strained beyond capacity.

“BEDFORD — Surf Restaurant owner Michael Buckley said he has no intention of opening a restaurant at the new Market & Main complex, though developers mentioned him to town planners as a future tenant at the site.

“It was falsely presented to them,” said Buckley, who was surprised to learn that the Surf logo was also attached to conceptual design plans distributed at the meeting this week.

Buckley, chef and owner of Michael Timothy’s Dining Group, acknowledges that he reached out to Encore Retail last year to inquire about space at Market & Main along South River Road, and spoke with a few representatives about the possibility. He last spoke with them in August.”

Surf owner says he will not be opening restaurant in Bedford