To the Editor,

We find it hard to imagine what with all the in-home ways to watch movies, Regal would propose to open an 11-screen theatre, especially when the last theatre, with seven screens, went bankrupt.

Regal has also included a proposal for 200 luxury apartments, despite being reminded over and over again that apartments are not permitted under the town’s zoning regulations. We are not a city and residents have made it clear that we do not want to be turned into one.

The apartments proposed would be “luxury residences” that would rent for $1,775 to $2,450 per unit. Regal is claiming they would not be part of “an apartment complex”. How ludicrous!

We do not know anyone who has expressed the desire to have another movie theater in Bedford. The only one promoting that idea is Regal itself. Further, voters made it clear in March of 2019 that flooding the town with apartments, low income or not, was not something they wanted either.

Having more businesses in town is supposed to lessen the tax burden on homeowners, but it never works that way, and especially not with apartments which never pay their fair share. Just look how North Andover Mass was ruined.

Several planning board members have said they would not support a waiver for apartments at Market and Main unless the project incorporates workforce housing.

Residents should write or call the planning board and remind them that no waivers should be given under any circumstances.

See contacts here:

Bedford Residents Assn.