A local realtor has some information and ideas that you might find interesting.

He can speak first hand as to the result of the influx of apartments being built and the growing number of shopping opportunities in town.

He knows of a $2M cash buyer coming from CA who is under contract in Windham instead of Bedford because of the more rural feel of that town. Another young couple from Brooklyn, NY is looking for a home in the $1M range. They have decided to focus on Amherst and Hollis for the same reason. People are fleeing the cities in favor of more room of their own and less congestion on the roads. The retail being added hasn’t impacted traffic like it would have if not for COVID, but when things return to normal, you’ll start to see the difference.

Adding apartments will urbanize Bedford, create more traffic and congestion and truly put Bedford on a path to a decline in desirability. He says he is seeing it first hand. Although prices are rising in Bedford and homes are selling in days, it’s a result of lack of inventory, not the popularity of the town. Even Manchester homes are selling in hours for well over the asking price due to multiple offers. What goes around comes around and the market will eventually turn to a buyer’s market and prices will decline when interest rates rise. This situation will be exacerbated in Bedford if we continue to allow poor decisions such as allowing apartments next to the Bedford High School and any that are sure to follow on abutting properties.

The planning board should follow the will of the voters and say NO to the 200 apartments at Market and Main . Listen to the collective voices of Bedford residents. The town could purchase the remaining land near the high school and perhaps preserve it for a sports arena housing hockey, basketball and indoor track. Keep Bedford the classiest and most desirable town in the State of NH.