In total disregard for the fact that apartments are ALREADY not permitted in the PZ, in total disregard of the fact that the Planning Board has known about the 1300 members of this organization who signed a petition against it, and in total disregard of the fact that in March of 2019, the majority of the voters confirmed they did not want apartments in the PZ, the Planning Board thought because they didn’t hear from you with an email on this particular project (Sebbins), that you had somehow changed your mind… Really?

Below is a Letter to the Editor sent to the Union Leader from our organization, and copied to the Planning Board.

Sent on October 23, 2020
To the Editor,

According to the Union Leader, “Sebbins Brook Crossing was unanimously approved by the Bedford Planning Board last week.” The Board has “approved a new workforce housing development that will bring nearly 240 condominiums to Bedford.” It goes on to note that “No one spoke out against the project last week when it was reviewed by the planning board, which granted several waivers to allow the multifamily residential buildings along South River Road.

Say what?

The whole town, as well as the 1,300 petitioners and members of the Bedford Residents Association, have been ‘speaking’ against waivers for this project since they signed the petition, as well as having voted for amendments to prohibit apartments in the PZ in March of 2019. In fact, this type of construction was already prohibited in the PZ by the existing zoning laws. The majority of the residents have opposed it all along and the board knows this.

In addition, approval was hardly ‘unanimous’.

What was the board thinking when they did this?

Ignoring the law is unacceptable.
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