Help save the American Dream…

Must be that Senators Giuda, Bradley and Carson do, since they are the three who imposed the HAB upon all of NH. All of them need to be voted out in the next state election… They are the ones who nefariously wrangled the HAB into place without allowing a vote of your representatives who knew you didn’t want it.

Governor Sununu is on thin ice as well. Just look what he wants to do…

Sununu Seeks to Build New Housing Units With Federal Rent Assistance Money

He doesn’t mind colluding with Democrats either… (HB 586 was defeated, thankfully)

The push to ‘urbanize’ is nation-wide and world-wide. But NH doesn’t have to follow what others do. This is what makes us unique and special. Not to mention the fact that the demand for single-family homes is at an all-time HIGH.

And as more developers see that they can ride roughshod over your town planning board’s decisions, things YOU voted for at town meeting, they will do as Brady Sullivan is doing.

Brady Sullivan Appealing Lebanon’s Planning Board Decision

HAB Upcoming Hearings