We recently got a missive from Congressman Pappas claiming that US Congress needs to pass Biden’s infrastructure bill because it would be “good for NH”.

“This strong bipartisan vote on a major infrastructure package is a big deal for New Hampshire and our economic future. This is a critical breakthrough, and I am committed to continuing the spirit of cooperation we’ve seen throughout these negotiations,” he said. Here he lists all the spending on NH. He also promotes regionalism, and even suggests teaming up with questionable foreign governments for “development of health technologies”, the very last thing we should be doing.

Experts who have done their homework and have studied the effects of the bill have a different view.

“The “infrastructure” bill would be the antithesis of “a big deal for New Hampshire”. The bill would spend 60 times as much per passenger-mile on transit as it does on highways and 857 times as much on Amtrak, a big deal for THEM, not US.”

We agree.

Also, Biden’s takeover of zoning and planning would turn NH into a welfare state, which Sununu is already at risk of doing with NH’s attempted housing mitigation..

Maybe folks should write to Pappas and advise him to do more homework before he follows the party line.