We don’t usually advocate for candidates on the state level, but we want you to be aware of the special election coming up on September 7 in Bedford. Voting is at the high school from 7AM-7PM.

Our concern of course is local control and what is happening with centralization of zoning and planning decisions at the state and federal levels which so far has been fairly non-partisan. (Some of each partys’ members are against urbanizing small towns in NH and yet others are for it.) So we asked Ms. Rombeau how she felt about it and we received a rather ambiguous answer. You can read her answer in the article below and decide for yourself if Ms Rombeau would vote to repeal the HAB and preserve the sanctity of your town vote, or not. On the other hand, we know that Ms Camarota has already stood up for your right to vote at town meeting and keep it as the ‘last word’, without state overrides or federal interference (as both Biden and Sununu are pushing for).

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We have been assured that HB 288 (repeal HAB) will come back or at least in the form of another bill for the next session. Until then, we continue to educate the public. Here is an LTE that is being sent to every newspaper in NH as well as every legislator in Concord:

Stop Forcing Urbanism on NH Towns!

It’s like death by 1,000 cuts — bills keep coming before the legislature which eat away, bit by bit, at local control, in hopes voters won’t notice.

Partial bills are being “thrown at the wall to see what sticks” so Sununu and Biden can take zoning and planning decisions from towns and put them squarely in the hands of state and federal governments, as we’ve already seen with Housing Appeals Board. The HAB does not exist to protect you, the homeowner, but to enable predatory developers who don’t care where and how they clutter up your town with high-density construction.

HB 154, one of many similar bills, was passed and signed by Governor, allowing more of your tax dollars to go to developers for high-density housing.

HB 132 is still in committee. If it passes, it will allow developers to more densely pack your town by reducing the required lot size to ½ acre for single-family dwellings on parcels served by town water and sewer. Please email HouseMunicipalandCountyGovt@leg.state.nh.us before committee session on 09/08/21.

How to stop creeping new urbanism?

Please contact your state representatives and tell them to say NO to the Biden/Sununu attempt to impose “New Urbanism” upon NH towns and to repeal the Housing Appeals Board (HB 288). The HAB is tyrannical because it takes away your right to vote at town meeting.

More info: bedfordresidents.com


Finally, we saw this on Facebook and posted all the information we researched on the subject from the BRA website. It might help to voice your opinion to Mr. Pappas, your federal representative in DC, on why, along with a ‘high-density’ influx, trains would contribute to the destruction of the NH Advantage. Remember, by allowing this bill to become law without his signature, Governor Sununu approved using federal money (SB 241) to start the planning phase of bringing the bankrupt and faulty MBTA to NH. He claimed we needed to know the fiscal impact when that study has already been done by the state of NH.