To the Governor;

You told us that you let SB 241 pass without your signature because we needed another ‘study’ to see how much MBTA would cost to bring to NH for a limited line from Boston to Manchester or Concord. Please get your facts straight!

SB 241 was to spend money for the PLANNING stage of commuter rail. It was NOT just a study but a huge can of worms that you opened!

Numerous studies were already done by the NH’s own Dept of Transportation which concluded that:

– Trains do NOT alleviate pollution
– Trains do NOT reduce traffic on our highways
– Trains do NOT create jobs
– Trains would NOT serve the public at large, but would be used by only .01% of the whole population of NH! (Buses to Boston from the park-and-ride in Londonderry are mostly empty in the morning!)

And finally, the worst fact is, the NH DOT concluded that in order to continue funding such a system, NH would need to institute both a sales AND income tax! We thought you were against broadbased taxes?

How much in debt is the MBTA?

“The MBTA has an overall debt of $5.2 billion, which rises to $8.3 billion with interest payments, the highest debt burden in the U.S., said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo…”

In fact, we could not find a system anywhere in the USA that was NOT in debt, including AMTRAK!

Don’t you agree that the fact that only .01% of the population in NH would be able to use the system does NOT JUSTIFY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for an outdated mode of transportation that would bankrupt the state?

Please do not join Joe Biden, Joyce Craig, and Chris Pappas in destroying the NH Advantage! Please stop the rail boondoggle in NH!

Information sheet on rail…

Update: MBTA Situation “Dire”