Contacts for Town and School Boards

School Board Email
Phone: 603-472-3755

Jay Nash, Chair (2021)

Cindy Chagnon (2021)

Bill Kassler (2020)

Bill Foote (2020)

John Schneller (2022)

Bill Klein – Moderator (2019)

Planning and Zoning
Phone: 603-792-1317 (Hebert)
Phone: 603-472-5243

Becky Hebert, Director –
Mark Connors, Asst –
Christine Szostak, Land Use –
Karin Elmer, Planner –

Planning Board Members

Jon Levenstein, Chairman – Term Expires: 2021
Harold Newberry, Vice-Chairman – Term Expires: 2020
Karen McGinley, Secretary – Term Expires: 2020
Kelleigh Murphy, Regular Member – Term Expires: 2022
Randy Hawkins, Regular Member – Term Expires: 2020
Mac McMahan, Regular Member- Term Expires: 2021
Christopher Bandazian, Town Council – ex-officio
Charles Fairman, Alternate Member – Term Expires: 2022
Matthew Sullivan, Alternate Member – Term Expires: 2021
Priscilla Malcolm, Alternate Member – Term Expires: 2020
Phil Greazzo, Town Council Alternate
Jeff Foote, Director of Public Works
Rick Sawyer, Town Manager


Christopher Bandazian, Town Council, ex-officio –
Kelleigh Murphy, Regular Member –
Jeff Foote, Director of Public Works –
Rick Sawyer, Town Manager –

Town Council
Phone: 603-472-5242

Town Council Members

Bill Duschatko, Chairman, Town Councilor since 2015
Council Liaison: Highway Safety Committee, Merrimack Valley Water District, School Board, Telecommunications Committee
Council Alternate: Water & Sewer Advisory Committee, BCTV-WBNH

Melissa Stevens , Vice Chairwoman,Town Councilor since 2015
Council Liaison: BCTV -WBNH
Council Alternate: School Board, Parks & Recreation Commission

Chris Bandazian, Town Councilor since 2008
Council Liaison: Planning Board, Energy Commission

Denise Ricciardi, Town Councilor since 2019
Council Liaison: Conservation Commission
Council Alternate: Highway Safety Committee

David Gilbert, Town Councilor since 2016
Council Liaison: Parks & Recreation Commission
Council Alternate: Merrimack Valley Water District

Catherine Rombeau, Town Councilor since 2017
Council Liaison: Historic District Commission
Council Alternate: Energy Commission, Conservation Commission

Phil Greazzo, Town Councilor since 2018
Council Liaison: Water & Sewer Advisory Committee
Council Alternate: Planning Board, Historic District Commission

Conservation Commission Members

We were informed that Karin Elmer is responsible for the Conservation Commission.
We are not sure if she forwards your emails to the full commission.
Her email is:

Regular Members:

*Beth Evarts, Chairwoman, Term 2021
*Bob MacPherson, Term 2022
*James Drake, Vice-Chairman, Term 2021
*Dave Gambaccini, Term 2021
*Maggie Wachs, Term 2020
*Denise Ricciardi, Town Council Representative
*Mac McMahan, Planning Board Representative

Alternate Members:

*Patricia Grogan, Term 2020
*Gregory Schain, Term 2022
*William Carter, Term 2021
*Catherine Rombeau, Town Council Alternate