So you’ve signed the petition but want to help more… Here are things you can do to help — all the info and materials you need are found on this site.

– Join the Private Mailing List. It’s the only way we can efficiently email 1045 people without taking hours of time. It is the first to get updates.

– Tell your family, friends and neighbors to sign the petition, especially those who may NOT be on the internet. Explain the ongoing problem with “high-density infill” which won’t stop with the Bow Lane project. Download and print information from this website to educate people on the problem with “new urbanism”.

Paper petitions are available on site to download and print as well as a Flyer (front) and a Flyer (back) explaining why.

Attend the next important board meeting and even if you can’t speak, you can hold a sign.

Write polite letters to the boards (Town Council, Planning and Zoning Boards, Conservation Commission in particular and State Legislators where appropriate).

Write letters to the editors of the three local papers.

Contact us if you have any questions.

– Keep up with things by bookmarking this website.

VOTE at town meeting on March 12, 2019 on these zoning amendments. Make sure you are registered to vote with the town.

Download, print and redistribute this complete VOTING FLYER.