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Send a strong message to the Bedford Planning Board that they must abide by the current zoning laws as passed by the residents in March of 2019!

Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

“New Urbanism” wants Bedford to become part of a global network of mega-cities, which would change the demographics and hence, the normal political subdivisions under our Constitutions.

Bedford Residents Association

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It’s the Density, Stupid

In an article from the Union Leader: Reasons many for fewer NH infections than Mass is explained. Yes you read Sununu's own words when it comes to 'density'. The lack of it, he admits, may be what has saved NH from the COVID-19. His words will be remembered when it...

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Market & Main “Luxury” Apartments

The group that is pushing for hundreds of apartments at Market & Main, a commercial development that once promised businesses only, is on Facebook here: Market & Main They state on the page: "Our vision is to recreate the traditional New England town center right in...

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Legislature is Shut Down

The NH Senate and House (legislature) is shut down until April 10th at least. While you are likely staying home to reduce your risk of getting sick, now would be a good time to write to all Representatives about bills such as HB 1632 and other bills that are contrary...

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Master Plan Input Wanted

The Draft version of the Master Plan has been released along with the Executive Summary. Read these documents over and send your input to We will be meeting to discuss and collate all input to be submitted to the Planning Board before April...

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Will Kuster do What Richardson Did for NM?

Is Annie Kuster trying to bankrupt New Hampshire? On February 24, she posted this comment on FaceBook: "Today at the Nashua Regional Planning Commission I was excited to announce the introduction of the Invest in American Railroads Act. This legislation will make it...

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“I seriously LOVE you! I cannot thank you enough. I so appreciate your Herculean efforts to keep us informed. Many blessings to you.”

“Thank you for the effort and success you have had. I believe Bedford has an attractive and historic character that should be preserved from the group that would destroy it for personal gain.”

“Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to you for knowing what to do to protect our town, and how to accomplish it! Thank you for your guidance!”

“Thanks for all you’re doing with BRA. It’s making a difference taking back our town.”

“…that is awesome news… thanks for the updates and all you do!!!”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“You are a treasure! Every Bedford taxpayer owes you a debt of gratitude for your diligence.”

“You’re a rock star!!! Please keep up the good work.”

“I would like to say a big Thank You for all that you are doing for our Community!”

“…really enjoy the reporting.Great Work!”