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Not financially viable and could bring an income tax and more stack’n’pack.

Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

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Bedford Residents Association

“New Urbanism” wants Bedford to become part of a global network of mega-cities, by changing the demographics and hence, the normal political subdivisions.

Bedford Residents Association

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House Committee on SB 241

Word has it (not posted yet on bill status page) that the House Public Works and Highways Committee has 'recommended' that SB 241 (the "project development, analysis, and funding phase" for the Commuter Rail Boondoggle) "Ought to Pass" (OTP). The House of...

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Maine’s Downeaster: Was it Worth It?

by Pem Shaeffer The Downeaster in Maine started running between North Station in Boston and Portland Maine in 2001. Service was extended to Brunswick, which began running in late 2011. I am part of a volunteer team, aided by some railroad pros (retired) who have done...

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Commuter Rail: Next Boondoggle?

Many people believe the Balsam's deal was a boondoggle for NH. But if the Governor doesn't stop the runaway Commuter Rail project, his legacy will include an even bigger boondoggle. Here is a file with everything you need to know about why trains are NOT sustainable...

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The Coming Transit Apocalypse

NH is considering commuter rail when most systems in the country are bankrupt. Old technology should be phased out as it will soon be replaced by newer methods of transportation. The recommendation from CATO is that "the industry should stop building new rail lines;...

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How Your Bedford Reps Voted (May 23)

How your Bedford State Reps voted as of May 23 SB165, raising electric rates for all customers by subsidizing low-moderate income users. Passed. 100% of Democrats voted to Pass. Mullen, Sue (D, Bedford) Pass 89% of Republicans voted to Kill. Camarota, Linda (R,...

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Commuter Rail Claims Are Preposterous

by Dick Lemieux May 3, 2016 Unable to make a convincing case for commuter rail based on transportation benefits, for more than a year, rail proponents have been wowing legislators with jaw dropping predictions of jobs and economic growth, as if it is possible to lose...

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“I seriously LOVE you! I cannot thank you enough. I so appreciate your Herculean efforts to keep us informed. Many blessings to you.”

“Thank you for the effort and success you have had. I believe Bedford has an attractive and historic character that should be preserved from the group that would destroy it for personal gain.”

“Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to you for knowing what to do to protect our town, and how to accomplish it! Thank you for your guidance!”

“Thanks for all you’re doing with BRA. It’s making a difference taking back our town.”

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“You are a treasure! Every Bedford taxpayer owes you a debt of gratitude for your diligence.”

“You’re a rock star!!! Please keep up the good work.”

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