When the public doesn’t know, how can they have a say? These homeowners in Albany NY got a surprise when the found a cell tower smack dab in front of their yard.

“The pole is a cell tower, one of dozens being installed to improve Verizon phone-based Internet service in the Albany neighborhood. It’s part of a new wave of small-cell technology that aims to supplement larger cells towers with poles with more limited range.

Like it or not, similar poles are likely coming to a street near you. And across the country, the poles are igniting debate over who decides where they are placed. Neighbors rarely ask for them, and in many places, they are not being welcomed.”

We’ve talked a lot about statewide initiatives that have not considered local control. Apparently some governors did not get the memo.

“Earlier in the year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget sought to strip away local control with statewide standards for the approval of cell towers, telephone poles and other fixtures that wireless companies use to output their signals. Critics, including the New York Conference of Mayors, said the proposal was an overreach.”

Churchill: Wireless pole was an unwelcome surprise