An October 16 Concord Monitor op-ed by Jayme H. Simoes called into question a well thought out October 7 analysis of commuter rail’s impacts on air quality by Dick Lemieux.

Lemieux is a retired engineer who has published numerous articles pointing out the folly of commuter rail, which would make commuting easier and cheaper for a few Boston commuters, but would be mostly financed by the rest of us. His letters are so clear and concise that I have posted links to them on the Bedford Residents Association website and sent excerpts to my representatives and the Governor, to ask them to stop this boondoggle, as it will lead to an income or sales tax, or both.

Lemieux’s October 7 op-ed was well-referenced with citations that prove he doesn’t make stuff up. Simoes’s letter, on the other hand, spits out numbers that seem to be pulled out of thin air.

Mr. Lemieux is driven by a passion to save New Hampshire taxpayers from a certain and expensive boondoggle, as are many others. Mr. Simoes is the president of a marketing and PR company, with no obvious transportation expertise.

Thus, when I read their conflicting versions of the truth, I’m strongly inclined to believe the well-researched and well-documented version of an engineer with decades of credentials in transportation over the version of a marketer who parrots numbers generated by rail lobbyists, which may or may not even be relevant.