We’re glad that the Union Leader included these FACTS at the end of their article describing how certain businessmen are gearing up to benefit from the taxpayers who will be on the hook for this massive boondoggle.

“A key question is whether the state should use taxpayer subsidies to fund passenger rail.

“The state’s own studies on commuter rail show that it would have little to no impact on traffic congestion or commute times to Boston,” said Drew Cline, president of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, a free-market think tank in Concord.

The center in 2015 released a study saying passenger rail service by itself does not produce more jobs.

“And no municipality in New Hampshire has the population density needed to make commuter rail cost-effective,” Cline said. “A state-subsidized rail line would waste scarce state dollars on a vanity project that would benefit a small minority of commuters while not improving traffic conditions for the majority of Granite Staters.”

Apparently, despite the title of the article, it is NOT working.

Sununu claimed SB 241 was just a ‘study’ about the cost of rail but it was in reality, the go-ahead for plans. The NH DOT has already done a study that says it will bankrupt the state. But hey, when you’re a predatory developer that manipulates the law to your advantage at the expense of the taxpayers, why would you care?

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