An item was just slipped into the SCHOOL BOARD AGENDA for their meeting on Monday, February 10th. This is the same night the Planning Board is meeting to discuss Market and Main’s request to override our zoning laws.

At 8:30 PM the Board will be discussing this item number:

8. Abutter Proposal (206 Route 101, LLC & Bow Lane Bedford, LLC)

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier will present a proposal to the School Board regarding the Bow Lane developer requesting access to sewer and water via the Bedford High School property. This proposal will be for discussion only with no board action.

If you recall, the school board voted to allow the Bow Lane development to use the school as their source for water and sewer services, but under certain conditions outlined on 11.13.2018.

Linked here is the MEMO that describes the ‘conditions’, some of which have already been met or must be met before they can vote to approve the request…

Superintendent Recommendation​: Should the Board agree that the developer has met the conditions outlined in the 11.13.18 conditional approval, the following motion can be made: “The Bedford School Board moves to approve the request of 206 Route 101, LLC & Bow LaneBedford, LLC (Owners) to access water and sewer from the Bedford School District (High SchoolProperty) as shown on certain Site Plans, contingent upon fully executed easements, fully executed indemnity agreement, payment of the promised contribution amount, final approval by the Bedford Planning Board, and approval by the Superintendent of Schools.

Please access the full Agenda and Memo at the links.

Note: Last year, BRA made NO recommendation as to whether voters should approve the school budget, but voters on their own, voted it down. Why was this? They were obviously upset with the above information. When you write to the School Board to express your opposition to this ‘deal’ (which is no deal for the school system) remind them of what happened the last time.