Do you think that a 12.5% proposed rate increase in the property tax bill is excessive during this crisis?

We certainly do.

Please write to the town councilors and express your opposition to this proposal.

One BRA member writes:

“…this pandemic has hit everyone hard. Two members of my family were laid off in March 2020. To this day, neither have been able to find suitable jobs. I was forced to take a 25% pay cut due to the down turn in business because of COVID. My family simply cannot easily absorb a 12.5% increase. I can assure you other families in Bedford especially those on fixed incomes are facing the same plight.”

The writer goes on to suggest ways to avoid placing the burden on the homeowners:

“The final installment of the road bond approved in 2014 can and should be postponed until life is back to normal. No voter in 2014 knew we would have a pandemic in 2020 and no one is going to fault good leaders from taking drastic but appropriate actions to keep the tax rate reasonable.

The Ladder Truck can also be postponed. Again, we are in a pandemic.

When was the last time anyone in government took a pay cut for a specified period of time or postponed a raise due to this Pandemic? Dire situations require drastic measures. Perhaps it is time to ask the town’s employees to accept the same pain we in the private sector are currently experiencing.”

We agree and hope you will write to the councilors and let them know you do as well.
They will be discussing the budget at their January 27th meeting.