In a Facebook Group called “Bringing Bedford Together” there is a person who spends much of his time engaging in bullying others and spreading disinformation about them. When they try to defend themselves they are usually blocked from posting and thus cannot counter the lies.

It has come to our attention that the bully referred to above has been spreading a rumor about a school board candidate that is supported by the BRA. His falsehood was echoed by others before they realized that he was lying. This is one of many instances where this individual has attempted to mislead the voters. (You would think his sycophants would have learned by now not to repeat things he’s said…)

The candidate is Autumn Haskell for School Board, and yes, she did vote in our local election in 2020 which is the first year she was eligible. Furthermore, she has the documentation to prove it. (See Voting Record)

Please learn more about Autumn on this page: