The Bedford Taxpayers Association has sent out their usual green flyer to every household in Bedford for advice on voting in the Town and School Elections on March 9, 2021.

While we agree with their choice of candidates, we feel they are strongly mistaken by asking voters to vote NO on zoning amendments #1 and #3 (click here to see) and here is why.

#1 – In the spirit of keeping with the small town feel of Bedford, the planning board has wisely recommended that building heights be limited to 60′. While this is only a 20′ change it is a step in the right direction. The BTA does not agree. Why? Please vote YES.

# 2 – This amendments repeals the ‘new urbanist-style’ plan for the Performance Zone which was never adopted because it was too expensive and too expansive to implement. (It was the grandiose idea of some planners who were invited in during the master plan redo of 2010.) Please vote YES.

#3 – The BTA has recommended a NO vote on this amendment, which was initiated by this group, because they claim that… “This is a pointless harmful proposal, which cancels the entire original purpose of the Performance Zone, which was to separate it from the Zoning Board to allow greater freedom for the Planning Board to aid development.”

Apparently they do not understand what the PZ is — a place for COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT — which would not be affected by this. The problem is RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT being allowed there by waiver, when past and current zoning rules do not allow it. Development, in the proper context, would be free to proceed as it always has. Please vote YES.


If you would like to see sample ballots, click here.