One of the few pieces of legislation that did make it through that benefits the “FOGs” (Friends of the Governor’s) was HB 154 which the Governor signed.

Bottom line is, it gives more of these predatory developers YOUR tax dollars to increase THEIR businesses at YOUR further expense.

According to this article, “The law, passed through House Bill 154, allows towns to expand a special tax-break program for developers who build affordable housing.”

Usually “affordable housing” means high-density apartment buildings.

Also, “…it would help developers find plots for properties away from the center of town…” If that doesn’t alarm you, not sure what would.

The article does mention that we successfully educated the House members on HB 586 with the result that they tabled it, knowing what a scam it was, and how it would help destroy the NH Advantage.

In another piece, those of us who see problems with the Governor’s efforts are being called names.

Apparently we are being tagged as suffering from “NYMBYISM”.

The article cites a limited (and thus not credible) poll that supposedly shows that 63% of all NH residents want to flood the state with low-income, high-density housing.

It is also not surprising that developer Dick Anagnost is quoted. He knows he’s got a lucrative business when the state hands him other peoples’ tax money and then gives his pet projects tax deferments for 9 years…

They do mention resort areas such as Conway NH, where this writer was forced to sell her home due to the town’s achievement of the highest rate of crime in the state, right after ‘affordable’ housing was built.

Someone ought to advise the Governor that what he is doing is redistribution of the wealth, and crony capitalism. And that nowhere in the state’s constitution does it allow for the mandate of any sort of housing, while rewarding chosen businesses such as developers, with YOUR tax dollars.

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