Urbanists promoting the idea that Americans should all live in ‘human settlements’ — cities in designated areas, and without cars, as opposed to building our homes on the lots of our choosing, are constantly spreading disinformation about the state of our nation when it comes to land.

In this article, the truth revealed: “All the hand-wringing about urban sprawl, the need for “walkable cities,” and our new age of scarcity, after all, overlooks a pretty basic fact: The vast majority of the country is empty. As a friend of mine once responded to someone who worried aloud that America was running out of room: “Ever driven laterally across Kansas? There’s plenty of space left.

What’s noteworthy here is that this lack of comprehension is asymmetrical. Rural Americans knows exactly what’s going on in the urban centers. How could they not? Their laws are made in Washington, D.C., and their media comes from New York City and Los Angeles. But how many big-city elites have a decent grasp on the daily rhythms of life in New Mexico or Louisiana (outside of Taos or New Orleans, that is)?”