Getting rid of single-family zoning is one of the principles of ‘new urbanism’. It is necessary to replace single-family homes with apartments or other multi-unit, mixed-used buildings so as to restrict people to compact living areas and prohibit building on open land.

For those who think that is a far-fetched declaration, please read this commentary on an article by Stanley Kurtz, with whom we have consulted extensively:

Zoning emerges as a political issue for conservatives


“Stanley Kurtz calls attention to two developments he says indicate that zoning may be on the cusp of emerging as a high-profile political issue. The first is from Virginia. There, in the midst of the high-stakes McAuliffe vs. Youngkin race for governor, the conservative group Frontiers of Freedom Foundation is running an ad that highlights Terry McAuliffe’s support for Joe Biden’s plans to undercut single-family zoning.

The ad, which I found powerful, reminds voters that attacks on local control of zoning can come from states as well as the feds. In fact, this has happened in California which recently abolished single-family zoning. The anti-McAuliffe ad pointedly reminds Virginia voters of this news from California.