We are a non-partisan, non-political, CITIZENS ACTION group of long-time Bedford Residents whose mission is to preserve local control, encourage transparency of town and school government, and increase taxpayer participation in all aspects of shaping the future of the Town of Bedford, NH. We are NOT affiliated with any political party.

Our founder has been a resident since 1989. Since there are no dues or other requirements, subscribership is free and open to all voting-age Bedford Residents. We are an educational group and our website is offered in hopes you will take advantage of our research for updates and information on town and school governance. We will not engage in electoral politics other than for non-partisan town offices, and we may accept donations via Patreon to cover costs for website hosting and creation, printing and distribution of flyers, mailing list production, advertisements, sign creation, and other costs involved in bringing awareness to the public.

We were founded in August of 2018 and began by educating the public about issues facing Bedford that may raise our taxes while changing the character and nature of the town.

This website will be updated regularly. You are welcome to ask questions or contribute to the research by emailing us at info@bedfordresidents.com

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Please explore the links that will be added beneath this tab for background information on subjects such as NGOs, regionalism, urbanism, and “charrettes” — and how they are conducted, and by whom.

The BRA is not associated with any other websites or bloggers who might pick up our stories. We are 100% Bedford, promoting the long-held values and beliefs of Bedford Residents. Please send any additions, corrections, or suggestions to info (at) bedfordresidents.com

The BRA does occasionally work with a prominent charity in the area which feeds and distributes clothing to the homeless. Please contact us if you’d like to make a donation.