You may have heard a few people say they wish we had a commuter rail system to take them to Boston from Bedford. They are in the minority and may not realize what this entails.

Usually when buses and trains are recommended, it is not just the transit system itself that is being promoted, but something that comes with high-density and mixed-use development. Thus it is called “Transit-Oriented Development” or “TOD”.

Please read about the philosophy of TOD from Congress for the New Urbanism, a small group of “New Urbanism” supporters, who seem to have influenced today’s urban “planners”.

It is another example of “Place-Making” in the built environment.

You can also read about the many failures of high speed rail, and how it has bankrupted some areas, and is going unused, such as in California, also HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Recently the buses in the lakes region of NH were discontinued due to lack of use. The usage did not justify the cost. Even free trolleys in Florida went unused.

Also, please see this important research on Bedford’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity Master Plan.

Keep in mind that everything being promoted as being for your “convenience, health, happiness, and sustainability” is in fact being done to build up and promote CITY living in preparation for a global network of cities, as part of a REGIONAL GOVERNMENT. This is really about loss of local control, and the self-governance of people in their own towns. Most people have never heard of “regional planning commissions” who have no authority yet are calling the shots about how your life should be planned, and often directing your local elected officials.

Please read the facts about commuter rail, who is pushing it, and at what cost to the state. The NH DOT has even said it would be a boondoggle, and that they would have to “create” higher-density neighborhoods to justify it!