“No one likes driving to Boston, but 80 thousand do every day. Why? For the money. Seven years ago, we paid a rail consultant $4 million to “study” the feasibility of commuter rail and they said…repeat, THEY said… 77-1/2 thousand of those people who hate driving to Boston would STILL prefer driving over a train!”

~ Dick Lemieux, transit engineer

This petition is for anyone in NH. You will be asked to provide your Zip Code to show you live in this state.

The Union Leader recently touted a poll from a college that claimed 75% of all NH residents approve of the construction of a commuter rail system for NH. In reality, we suspect around 300-500 people were polled, and we know that 99% of those we speak to about it or see commenting about it on social media definitely understand the folly of this venture and DO NOT WANT IT. Currently Congressman Pappas and Co. are plotting to use federal infrastructure money to start planning, but then NH would be saddled with the SALES and INCOME TAX needed to keep it going. The system they are looking at is the BANKRUPT MBTA. We need to send a message to the legislature and Governor that old tech trains that pollute are NOT what NH needs or wants..

1,444 signed our previous Commuter Rail petition.

The new petition is here to sign:

Access the information sheet here: Commuter Rail Information Sheet [Stand by for 9-30 update, check the date on the file.]

Read more about it here: Jeopardy – NH Edition

Ferreting Out Economic Benefits of Downeaster Passenger Rail Service – 2015 Testimony Maine


Our petition online to stop the building of apartments in Bedford is still active and has 1300+ signatures (some are on paper). The current petition is for Bedford 18+ residents only.

You can access it here: No More Apartments for Bedford

A new petition for all NH residents will be posted here soon.

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If you would like to collect signatures in person, you can download and print this Blank Petition page and an Information Sheet Front and Back to give to the signers.

Send scanned copies of paper flyers to:

REMEMBER, high-density influx and commuter rail = SALES and INCOME TAX and will turn NH into Massachusetts!