The group that is pushing for hundreds of apartments at Market & Main, a commercial development that once promised businesses only, is on Facebook here: Market & Main

They state on the page: “Our vision is to recreate the traditional New England town center right in the heart of Bedford”.

However, monstrous high-rise buildings atop stores are not reminiscent of anything we know to be ‘traditional New England town centers’.

Bedford already has its own town center — right on Meetinghouse Rd. We don’t need luxury apartments to satisfy the ‘placemaking’ component of ‘new urbanism’.

It’s someone else’s vision of the world, which Bedford has already demonstrated it does not want by petition and by vote.

Pay them a visit and let them know we are not zoned for this kind of sudden population influx into our town, as our services are already strained. Besides, it violates current zoning laws, and our planning and zoning departments should be making decisions based on those.